As a school we are committed to ensuring that all our children are well cared for, safe and protected. Any incidents which raise concern for a child’s well-being will usually be discussed with the family and family support advisor. However, parents need to be aware that it is also part of the school’s responsibility to discuss or refer incidents of abuse or suspected abuse to other agencies. In very rare circumstances this could be without any prior discussion with the family.

Please see below designated people relating to Safeguarding:

  • Child Protection and Safeguarding Lead: Lis Jones – Assistant Headteacher (Targeted Level 2 Trained)
  • Child Protection and Safeguarding Deputy Lead: David Masters – Headteacher (Targeted Level 2 Trained)
  • Health and Safety Lead: David Masters
  • Health and Safety Link Governor: Chris Watts (Chair of Buildings, Welfare and Safety)
  • All staff paid or un-paid are responsible for the safety and protection of our children (Universal Level 1 Trained)
  • Fire Evacuation Lead – Dave Andrews
  • Education Visits Coordinator – David Masters (EVC Trained)
  • First Aiders – Mrs Baines, Mrs Snowball and Mrs Blair
  • Defribulator Trained – Mrs Snowball
  • Team Teach Trained – Mrs Snowball, Mrs Blair and Mrs McDermid
  • Prepare for Prevent – all staff and governors

Please see below important documents relating to Child Protection and Safeguarding:

Click here to download our SMC Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
Click here to download our SMC Whistleblowing Policy
Click here to download our SMC Health and Safety Policy
Click here to download Statutory Guidance