Competitive Sports



For all competitive teams we rotate players so that all children have the opportunity to either represent the school or their house team.

School Football Team

We have a team entered into the South Bracknell League. The team coach is Mr Prower. Results and fixtures are published and celebrated by school.

School Netball Team

We also have a Netball Team that competes against local school, as friendly games and also league games.

Inter-House Games

During lunch breaks Mr Prower organises inter-house competitions where we choose a different sport or game each half term in a school based league. This gives the children opportunities to compete in mixed aged, gender and ability teams, on a regular basis.

Festivals run by Bracknell Forest Council

We are involved in many sports festivals over the year such as tag rugby, athletics, cross-country, swimming and cricket.

Events run by other organisations

We are always on the look out to be involved in locally run events. This year includes a Year 4 football tournament run by St Georges School – Windsor Castle, a golf festival run by Blue Mountain Golf Club and a Year 6 five-a-side football tournament run by Reading Football Club.