Competitive Sports


School Football Team

We have a team entered into the South Bracknell League. The team coach is Mr Sapsed. Results and fixtures can be found at the following link:

Click here for link to League Table and Fixtures

School Netball Team

Miss Nash, our Year 4 teacher and Netball coach, has very kindly volunteered to set up a Netball League for Bracknell school’s and is looking forward to a fun and competitive season.

Inter-House Games

During lunch breaks Mr Sapsed is going to organise some inter-house competitions in a variety of sports. The results will be added to our house credit system.

Festivals run by Bracknell Forest Council

We are involved in many sports festivals over the year such as tag rugby, athletics, cross-country, swimming and cricket.

Events run by other organisations

We are always on the look out to be involved in locally run events. This year includes a Year 4 football tournament run by St Georges School – Windsor Castle, a golf festival run by Blue Mountain Golf Club and a Year 6 five-a-side football tournament run by Reading Football Club.