How we look at behaviour can be split into two distinct parts. Firstly how the children are showing their faith, how they treat other people and how they socially interact. Secondly how the children are developing the skills they need in order to either learn from others or by themselves. We work on both of these areas so that the children are well-grounded young people and ready for the challenges they will face when they leave us at the end of Year 6.

We use different sets of SMC Values to help encourage and develop these different areas:

Gospel Faith Learning British

Faithfulness & Integrity


Dignity & Compassion


Humility & Gentleness


Truth &



Forgiveness & Mercy


Purity & Holiness


Tolerance & Peace


Service & Sacrifice



Forgive others


Aspire to be


Inspire others


Think of others


Honor God














The Rule of Law


Individual Lib’


Mutual Respect


Tolerance of those of different Faiths and beliefs



Children are given House Points, which we call Dojo Points, if they show these values in or out of school and they can get certificates and rewards based on how many they get. Parents can follow these Dojo Points in real-time through the online App.